Family Fall Fun with Apple Picking

The Easiest Cinnamon Candy Apple Bites

I am all about celebrating each season as it comes upon us, and fall is no different.  When we moved here, 3 years ago, we started a tradition of going to our local apple orchard and picking apples.

This is something my children and I look forward to every year.  Our local orchard is run by a husband and wife, their 2 boys and dog.  They also have a big swing set play place for the kids, a cider press, and a pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin.

Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the apples just taste delicious!  This year we went on October 1st, a little later than we’ve gone before, but I am glad we waited.  We were able to pick four different varieties of apples in our 3 bushels.  And for just $2 a pumpkin, we picked 6 of the most beautiful pumpkins we could find.

This is one of my families favorite activities.  Pick your own farms are located throughout the country in many different communities.  To find one near you ask around at your local farmer’s market, ask your friends, or go here.

Celebrate the changing seasons with your family, pick some apples, make applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp, dried apples, apple wreaths, and anything else that your heart desires!  Oh, and have fun while you’re doing it!