5 Pretty Bags and Purses Under $100

5 Handbags Under $100

Lately, since my current purse isn’t big enough to carry a laptop, tablet, and everything else I tend to tote around when I leave the house, I’ve been slinging a backpack which, while functional, isn’t exactly the most stylish option. Also I snagged it from my partner and it bears the name of his workplace, so that could be confusing! (Whoops!)

This is essentially my long winded way of saying I’ve been pouring over handbags online trying to find a suitable replacement for my rather shallow Matt & Nat bag (which I LOVE) but just isn’t working out anymore!

This handbag hunt inspired me to share some of my favourite finds with you today — despite the fact that not all of these are laptop-friendly, they are all quite lovely and cost less than $100! Win!

5 Fantastic Handbags Under $100

5 Handbags Under $100

Great shape, great colour! I adore this bag from Nordstrom!

5 Handbags Under $100

Need a POW of colour? This leather Gap bag is totally for you. (And for those not quite so brave and bold, it comes in a few less intense shades as well!)

Fashion Friday: 5 Handbags Under $100

This is one of the only smaller purses I’ve come across lately that I really love. The zippers are cute and I dig the colour and that texture as well! I really wish I could touch it! This one comes to us via Free People and is also available in black.

Fashion Friday: 5 Handbags Under $100

Recently, a friend of mine who always has the best bags and purses — filled with things like microwave popcorn, books, and toys to entertain the children of her friends! — showed me the “little bag” that comes inside many purses and said, “Did you know this is called a key fob? THIS is where I’m supposed to put my keys! WHY did I not know this??” This was especially hilarious to me because she’s constantly misplacing her keys. Problem solved!

This cute bag by Free People comes with a little “fob” or coin purse inside, and is completely vegan for those avoiding leather.

Fashion Friday: 5 Handbags Under $100

This nautical style hobo bag from Old Navy is very on trend. Nautical is back, my friends. And it’s all around!

For me, the bigger the better when it comes to purses, but I know not everyone likes to haul around their body weight in stuff every single day. I think I like knowing that if I’m stranded somewhere I might do just fine by the contents of my purse!

What’s in YOUR purse right now? What’s the strangest thing you carry everyday?