Black Is The New… Black in Fashion and Style

My latest jewelry obsession was first inspired by Montreal’s fabulous jewelry line, Nea. Asymmetrical, colourful, totally rad. I’m so excited to see black used this way… bold statements for sure, but done right! Check out the way these designers are bringing black to their collections:

black dangle unique earrings

My favourite earrings from Nea! (This gal’s now in my shop!)

black white bead necklace jewelry

I want to know how heaving this gorgeous necklace is!

grenade black necklace jewelry

So neat… and kinda looks like a grenade to me… hmm, what do you think?

green jewel rock pendant necklace

Swoon! This one’s a beauty. I love how raw it feels.

black leather chain

A black leather chain, believe it or not.

black rock gold chain earrings

Gorgeous! Love the black/gold combo SO much!

So, what do you think? Would you wear black jewelry?