Women’s Board Shorts

A few weeks ago, I got a text from my mister saying he wanted to come pick me up to show me something. Immediately suspicious and curious, we drove just outside town to a large shop — with a parking lot full of boats, jet skis and other personal water crafts. Ah, I knew exactly what he was up to. A few days later, his Sea-Doo arrived and he’s been enjoying his new toy ever since.

I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive on our first go around the lake (it’s FAST!) but now I can’t wait to jump on — I’m even going to get my own boater’s license so I can drive it! Ha!

Since we’ve been on the water a lot lately, I’ve been adding a few pieces of water-friendly gear to my wardrobe — and since you’re bound to get soaked while bombing around the lake, you really need a pair of board shorts or something similar to stay dry and not freeze your buns! Today I wanted to share a few pairs I’m loving — take a peek below!

Board Shorts

1. O’Neill Tropic Board Shorts | 2. O’Neill Lilu Board Shorts | 3. Land’s End Girls’ Swim Shorts | 4. Maui Rippers Womens’ Board Shorts | 5. Reebok Cross Fit Board Shorts

Hope you’re all enjoying the last days of summer vacation! My daughter heads back to school in about two weeks and while she’s super excited to head back, we’re definitely enjoying these last days of water play!

Happy end of summer, friends!

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