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While I love the summer months for dipping my toes in the lake, relaxing on our porch and reading books in the shade, and all that gorgeous sunshine, there’s one thing I can definitely do without: HUMIDITY. That terribly, sweaty, icky feeling is the bane of my existence. It can turn a gorgeous day at the beach into a sticky mess. I’m all for getting some sunshine (though you wouldn’t know it by my super pale legs!) but I want to be COMFORTABLE!

Boho styles are naturally flowing, layer-friendly, and super comfortable to wear. Here are a few of my favorite picks for the 2014 season!

Get comfy, friends!


1. Free People Katie Coin Statement Necklace | 2. The Diminuendo Flat | 3. Hello, Good Buyer Bag | 4. Kate Moss for Topshop Aztec Print Sundress | 5. Free People Gauze Hoodie

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