Handmade Fingerless Glove Fashion and Styles

I have a question to ask, mamas & bloggers alike: Do you ever get FROZEN hands when you’re typing and typing all day long? For some reason, I always feel like my fingers are freezing cold (especially on my mouse hand… oddly enough) and so I’ve taken to wearing fingerless gloves so I can keep my hands a bit warmer while maintaining my ability to type like a fiend.

Wanna see a few pairs I’m swooning over?

red handmade fingerless fox gloves etsy

Maybe foxes are super trendy, but I’m a just a little bit in love with this pair from Ms Amanda Jayne.

black handmade fingerless bow gloves etsy

How sweet are these bow-style gloves from Gertie & Baxter. Crazy cute.

yellow heart fingerless gloves handmade etsy

A handful of love from Yastik Izi. Gorgeous!

So tell me, gals. Am I nuts? Anyone else out there suffering from frigid blogger fingers??