NEON Blouses and Sweaters Fashion Style

We’ve been invaded by the 90s and I’m soooo glad. I’ve absolutely embraced the neon trend lately and now it’s my springtime mission to find the cutest pair of neon tipped flats to to wear with my darkest high rise skinny jeans.

Here are a few of the neon-est delights I’ve been loving:

neon green blouse shirt

She’s the cutest. That sweater pops!

neon yellow chevron sweater fashion

Chevrons too? This sweater is gorgeous.

neon pink flat shoes fashion

Kate Spade cuties.

neon yellow purse fashion

Bold and so rad. How cool is that purse? I’m obsessed.

neon pink clutch purse

Mixing and matching. Well done.

Are you loving the neon? Or is it TOO much of a blast from the past?

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