Pastel Denim For Spring!

Sometimes I have to laugh a bit on laundry day when it comes to sorting out my “lights” and “darks”. To be honest, my wardrobe is about 98% “darks” with handful of “lights” comprised of tanks and undies. Probably more than you needed to know, but I’m really not much for lighter colours in the rest of my daily attire. There’s a hefty dose of denims, greys, blacks, dark blues, and greens — but as the weather starts to get warmer, I do find myself attempting to leave the comfort of my black and navy jeans.

Perhaps pastel denim might be a fun change for this season! Take a peek below at a few of my favourite picks for spring!

Pastel Denim for Spring 2014!

Pastel Denim for Spring

1. Forever 21 Ankle Length Skinny Jeans | 2. River Island Light Pink Biker Jean | 3. Mint Leathery Denim Skinny Jeans | 4. The Stiletto Overdyed Stretch Jeans | 5. J Brand Skinny Jeans

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