Women’s Sandal Styles

We all know my serious love for shoes (a common affliction… or so I hear…) and since the weather has been rather delightful lately, I think it’s time to talk about sandals. Sexy, stylish, colourful, summer-ful sandals! Often, you’ll actually spy me in my beloved Birks, but there are times when they just won’t do. Comfortable, yes. Date-night worthy? Not always… so for the nights when ultra casual just won’t cut it, here are some gorgeous pairs to tickle your fancy… and your toes… all summer long!

black sandals fashion

I hardly have the words to express how much I want to strut my stuff in these babies.

studded sandals fashion

Lovely detail. And I’m digging the manicure too!

studded sandals fashion

Studs! Need I say more?

multi-colored sandals fashion

Beaded bliss. (From one of my favourite shoe designers ever.)

orange sandals fashion

Can’t go wrong with coral.

What are you rockin’ on your feet this summer? Have you picked up a favourite new pair?