Women’s Purple Fashion Style

In honour of my daughter’s very favourite colour, I thought I might share some recent finds featuring all things PURPLE!

purple gradient tights fashion

01. These tights are absolutely stunning! Think of all the neat outfits you could put together… I’m thinking about shorts over tights a lot lately. Hmm… so many ideas!

purple dangle earrings

02. A bit o’ purple dazzle for your lobes!

purple skinny jeans pants fashion

03. Not big on the purple tights? How about purple skinny jeans?

purple jacket coat fashion

04. Gorgeous coat!

blue and purple hair

05. My little pony hair makes me smile!

I’m considering adapting a few notes of that gal’s hairstyle to my own… hmm, stay tuned!

Are you little ones obsessed with any one colour in particular?