Father’s Day Norelco Makeover for My Husband


This guy is my husband. That outfit and facial hair is a crime.

Yes, you heard it right, this past weekend I gave my husband, Ryan, an early Father’s Day gift – a Norelco makeover!  What is a Norelco makeover, you ask?  Well, it consists of a $400 gift card to purchase a brand new Norelco razor, replacement heads, and anything else that could possibly makeover a husband.  With Norelco’s help and my superhero powers, I had the confidence that I could transform this man.

Norelco and I are here to save the day!

Before we started, I asked Ryan why he wanted to receive this special makeover:

Hmmmm, not for his wife, eh?  We’ll see about that!


Our first order of business was selecting the perfect Norelco razor for Ryan at Wal-Mart.  There were several selections to choose from, but with the Norelco 7340XL on Rollback at $39.97 (that’s $10 off), we couldn’t refuse choosing that one.  We also picked up some replacement heads.

Norelco 7340XL Razor & replacement heads.


One thing Ryan really needed help “making over” was his wardrobe.  He rarely shops for himself and even when he does, he often skips trying anything on or quickly grabs items off the rack and checks out.  We headed straight to the mall, because he wanted to shop at his favorite clothing store, Express.

We really lucked out at Express because they had shorts, pants and shirts on sale!  He took his time going through all the different styles and carefully picked out the appropriate sizes.  He even took some risks with different styles, as you’ll see later in this post.  He left with one pair of shorts, two pairs of slacks, two nice shirts, and three white undershirts.

Great sales at Express!


It’s not very often that we go out without the kids, so we decided to have a nice dinner after shopping.  This wasn’t part of the makeover financially, but it definitely was emotionally.  We both needed a few hours alone.

Yummy pasta at Johnny Carino’s!


The next day, Ryan was ready to test out the 7340XL.  He had grown out his beard quite a bit, as you can see from the photo above, so the 7340XL was put to the ultimate test!  The 7340XL included a pop-up trimmer, which Ryan really needed to use before shaving since his beard was so long and thick.  I made a little video to document Ryan’s shaving experience:

I think the Norelco 7340XL did a great job, what do you think?  The shave did take a while because his beard was really overgrown, but the razor cleaned the it up nicely when it was all said and done.  The razor will be perfect for Ryan to use each morning daily, especially since most mornings he is in a hurry.


This was my favorite part – seeing Ryan try on all of the outfits he bought!  Enjoy the fashion show:

Love this blue on him! He doesn’t normally wear this color.

Who let the captain off the ship? I actually love this look.

Same outfit as above, sans the tie and with the shirt untucked.

This one is my favorite! He has never worn shorts like this before. They make him look so thin! Love the crisp white shirt, too.

I am so happy with his selections! He did a great job. I’m also glad he purchased a few nice quality pieces, as opposed to several cheaper items, because they will last longer and the colors allow him to mix and match to create new outfits.  The undershirts are also thick enough to be worn as a top by itself.  I think he looks so handsome. 🙂


So are you ready for the big reveal?  I’m so happy with the final result!

I think he polishes up quite nicely. What do you think?

We had a blast working on this project, and I am so thankful that I was selected to give Ryan a makeover.  Ryan is an amazing father and husband and really deserved this special attention in a major way.

DISCLAIMER: I was given a $400 gift card to cover my time and expenses for this makeover experience, but thoughts are my own.