For all the Cold Weather Mommies!

There is a lot about winter that makes a Mom’s job very hard.  And I am talking about the Moms that live in climates that hit below freezing- not the Moms who have year around 70 plus degree weather. Those moms with the warm weather have no idea what us Northern climate Moms have to deal with! All the winter gear that is required just to get the kids out the front door. Even on the best days it takes me a minimum of 15 minutes to get my two boys out the door. That 15 minutes actually times out well because it takes at least that long for the car to warm up! There is more laundry because of all the layers that are needed to keep warm plus all the fleece footie pajamas! You can’t play outside for hours on end just to kill an afternoon. You don’t see the neighbors as much, play dates are harder to schedule… You can get snowed in for days!

That rant aside, there are some great pluses to the frosty season. And reasons for the Southern Mommies to be jealous:

  • We can leave milk in the car while running errands and not have to worry about it spoiling.
  • We get to eat all the holiday sweets we want because we can hide all the extra poundage under big warm sweaters!
  • Drinking hot chocolate tastes so good and warms you to the core- yeah, you warm weather Mammas can have hot chocolate too, but when we drink it it makes sense!
  • We get to build snow man with our kids.
  • Water fights are fun but nothing beats a snowball fight!
  • Large bulky sweaters not only look good but cover the extra bulge from all the fruitcake!
  • Cuddling under blankets during story time in front of the fire. Tell the truth warm weather moms- you would have to turn on the AC to do that comfortably!
  • Warm winter hats to cover a bad hair day!
  • Holiday photo cards that look snowy and festive.
  • The natural flushed blush look you get from being in the cold.
  • The cute winter accessories: mittens, snow boots, warm scarves, hats (or tuques for you Canadians)!
  • Did I mention hiding the winter weight under big sweaters?!
  • And finally and probably the best part of being up in the great white North, Snow Days!