I am a gamer.  Have been since I was a kid.  From simple card games, like solitaire, to more advance puzzle games, I love to game.  I was thrilled when GameHouse contacted me about a Type A Mom Conference sponsorship, because it was right up my alley!

One of the first things I noticed when I visited GameHouse was the option to download games for my PC and Apple computer.  If you are a mac user, you know how hard it is to find decent, fun games that are mac compatible, so this was a big plus.  I also appreciated that I could test out a demo version of  the games I was interested in, for 60 minutes, before purchasing.  A couple of instant favorites on GameHouse were Super GameHouse Solitaire and Bejeweled 2.  Yes, they are both very addicting!  With over 400 other games to choose from, it is impossible for anyone to ever grow tired of GameHouse.

All Game House games are only $5.99 (with the purchase of 12 fun tickets), which is much cheaper than a normal console game would be, and I don’t have to run to store to buy it, just download and play!  In addition to downloading games, GameHouse also has an extensive catalog of online games to enjoy, which is cool.  They have any genre of game you could possibly want or need, including arcade, action, puzzle, and classic.  GameHouse also has plenty of games for children, which are appropriate for various ages.  My son is a sucker for Scrabble, which is fine with me since it encourages reading!