Getting Ready to Go Back to School with Merry Maids

Getting ready to go back to school is all about organization. Now that I have older kids it’s really important to me that I involve them in the process. Pretty soon, honestly before I’m eve ready for it, they’ll be getting ready for college and the foundation I set now will help determine if they have the organizational skills needed to succeed.

Getting Ready to Go Back to School with Merry Maids

As you may know, I recently partnered with Merry Maids on their new Kids Ambassador program, which is all about getting kids involved in the cleaning process. As parents, we could use all the help that we can get!

Getting Ready to Go Back to School with Merry Maids

One of the best ways I have found to get organized for back to school is to get started at the end of the previous school year. I like to put all reusable supplies in one see-through box, store any items from the previous year the kids might want for their scrapbooks, and put all of the upcoming school year dates on the calendar as soon as possible.

To prevent August from turning into a slog of one appointment after another, I try to space out things like doctor and dentist appointments throughout the summer.

Getting Ready to Go Back to School with Merry Maids

Of course, keeping the house clean and organized is another way of making sure the end of summer isn’t overwhelming.

Merry Maids recently identified 5 cleaning “personalities” when it comes to back to school organizing:

Neat Freak – I think this one is self explanatory!

Closet Stasher – looks like a neat freak, but really it’s just because everything is shoved into a closet.

Busy Bee – Most of us, someone trying to juggle way too many things.

Summer StragglerThe last minute organizer.

Team Player Someone who gets the whole family involved.

I think I’m probably a combo of all the cleaning types, but I really like the organizing tips Merry Maids has for the Busy Bee and the Team Player! You can read all of the tips here.

Getting Ready to Go Back to School with Merry Maids

For Busy Bees Merry Maids suggests:

“Have the kids put in the laundry while dinner is cooking, or encourage the kids to clean the dishes as you finish preparing dinner. Create a family calendar to keep track of everyone’s schedules, and place a whiteboard by the door to remind you – and your kids – of important things to take with you before heading out the door. Letting the kids lend a hand will help them feel empowered to do more as they get older.”

For the Team Player Merry Maids suggests:

“Have the kids switch it up a little and take on each other’s chores, try something new or take on more responsibility. As kids get older, they are able to take on more challenging roles, from just folding towels to actually doing the laundry, or from setting the table to loading and unloading the dishwasher. Make it fun and keep things fresh by creating a handy helpers box; fill it with slips of paper highlighting various household chores and then let your kids pull out their assignments each week. Rewards are a great way to incentivize the kids to empty the box by the end of the school week.”

Getting Ready to Go Back to School with Merry Maids

What are your best tips for keeping organized when it’s time to go back to school?

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