How to Go Green By Using Cloth Napkins

I am just a little bit green. I have not gone all the way there yet, but I would love to get there (eventually)! It would be so much easier to be green without the munchkins negating everything I try to do as soon as I try to do it.


The one thing I HAVE gotten them to do is use cloth napkins every night for dinner. I realize that no one has that many cloth napkins, and neither did I, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought a pack of bar cloths. They come in a pack of 30 or so, they are the right size and we can wash them every day without feeling too bad.


I am on my second pack already, and they need to be replaced again, SOON. The first pack now has a second life as cleaning rags, so each time I get new ones, they are slightly different so I know the difference between my napkins and cleaning cloths. They were cheap (I forget how cheap, but CHEAP) and I don’t even fold them. I have a low drawer dedicated to them and the youngest kiddo, who is 3, still thinks it is cool to help out with laundry, so when we do a load with them in it, he sorts out the “napkins” and puts them back into the drawer.

Going Green with Cloth Napkins How to
how to go green by using cloth napkins
It takes almost no extra effort, because I am doing a gazillion loads of laundry anyway, so throwing in a few of these every time I do whites is no extra work, and I like to think I am doing a little something-something for the environment.