Hairdressers are Like Boyfriends

Next to finding the love of her life, perhaps a woman’s most sought after relationship is one with a great hair stylist.

A good stylist you can talk to, who understands your hair, and can make it lay down, curl or poof just right makes your life so much better.

I’ve searched for years, but never found “the one.”

Well, I thought I found her. Once.

I saw her maybe a half a dozen times. Then we moved away. I was busy raising my family, and after a few 45 mile drives realized a long distance relationship just wouldn’t work.

I’ve been through dozens of stylists. Just going from one haircut to the next, looking for the right fit.

Sometimes it’s a breakdown in communication that keeps me from going back. Like I say, “just trim off half an inch.” And she lobs off two or three.

Sometimes it’s a lack of understanding. I’ll never forget the stylist who chastised me for letting my roots grow out too much. I tried to explain that I was busy with a newborn, and just recovered from a C-section. She had no empathy for me replying, “You really need to do it every six weeks, or it starts to look tacky.”

Sometimes it’s a lack of chemistry. One time a stylist much younger than myself told me all about the exciting club she was going to that night. Then she asked me what my plans were. “Staying home. You know I have small children, so we don’t go out a lot.” She looked at me like I was the lamest person ever, and we spent the rest of the time in awkward silence.

Then there are the times I go so long between haircuts I wonder if the stylist will be offended that I waited so long to call.

Or even worse. Have you ever cheated on your hair stylist?

I might see someone a couple times. Then on a whim, while I’m at the mall, I decide I need a trim. So I go to one of those walk-in places. Then when I want to make an appointment again with the other girl I wonder, “Will she know I saw someone else? Will she feel betrayed?”

It would be great if there were some sort of speed dating service, or matchmaking site to help find your perfect hair stylist.

What would be on the questionnaire?

  1. Have you ever given anyone a mullet?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 5 how important is it for a mom to have a haircut that can be styled in 10 minutes or less?
  3. How often do you try to up sell your customers a $72 bottle of hair serum?

I just met Tammie on Tuesday. She cut my hair, and waxed my eyebrows. I was happy with the results. We chatted a little, then spent the rest of the time in comfortable silence. She even gave me a little scalp massage when she washed my hair.

I think this one might be a keeper.

I committed to another appointment in six weeks. Right there on the spot.

Only time will tell if my years of serial saloning are behind me.