Have Fun and Say it with Pepsi Emojis

A lot of parents I know don’t like texting. They especially don’t like how texting has reduced the need for spelling, punctuation, and even words. My teenager can have an entire conversation with friends with nothing but emojis.

Personally, I like emojis. When my kid sends me a text of a watermelon and a heart while I’m at the grocery store, it makes me smile (and gets me to buy the watermelon). When the teenager is at a party and I get a happy face text, I know that he’s checking in and having fun.


Even more fun than text emojis are the new Pepsi Emojis! Pepsi is one of our family’s favorite beverages and these fun new emojis are just another reason to pick up a bottle from our local Walgreen’s store.

I mean, how cute is this guy with the bow tie and glasses?


This Pepsi emoji would be perfect for giving to my husband right before a big meeting that he’s nervous about. It’s amazing how something as simple as a Pepsi can cheer him up.

Also, what about this emoji with sunglasses? He’s at Walgreens, too, and since my teenager is always wearing his shades, this one seemed very fitting for him!


It also seems fitting that I texted a pic of this bottle to let him know I have it waiting at home for him.


There are over 200 different Pepsi Emojis available at Walgreens, so whatever messages you want to send this summer, Pepsi has you covered. You’re double covered because Walgreens currently has Pepsi Emojis on sale now for the summer months of June, July and August!

I’m planning on having more Pepsi Emoji fun this summer, so stay tuned for more great ideas and fun in an upcoming post!

Want to have your own fun with Pepsi Emojis?


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