Have You Ever Met a Celebrity?

Blogging has provided me the neatest opportunities, including meeting and interviewing celebrities. In truth, I am not the type to get lost in a star struck madness when a celebrity passes me by, but I do love the chance to peek into their real personalities and share that with my readers.

Nake Berkus {designer/television host} – I met Nate at a private event during Blogher ’10 in NYC, which was right before the launch of his television show. I didn’t get a chance to speak to him in depth (I kinda stole him for the pic), but he was warm and friendly.

Gilles Marini Bares {actor} – If you are thinking, “I know I have seen him somewhere before…” you would be correct.  Think Sex in the City movie.  Naked neighbor.  Yeah. I met Gilles briefly at an EA Sports Active press event in Los Angeles.  SUPER nice guy.

Samantha Bee {actress/comedian} – If you can believe it, I actually acted alongside Samantha Bee in a holiday skit for eBay.  Samantha was very welcoming and FUNNY.

Nancy O’Dell {television anchor/host} – Nancy hosted the EA Sports Active event I mentioned above and she was, by far, the sweetest celeb I have every met. Very beautiful, too.

Vern Yip {designer/television host} – I actually met Vern (like I use first names as if we’re best pals?) before my blogging career.  My husband produced a morning radio show and had an interviewe scheduled with Vern.  I just happened to show up that morning, too. 🙂  I’ll never forget what he said to me, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Bridget Fonda?”  Wow, what a compliment. (and yes, people have told me that, not so much with the dark hair, though)

Queen Latifah {actress/singer/entrepreneur} – I interviewed Queen Latifah in NYC.  Like, a real interview.  It was such an honor to interview her and she was such an absolute inspiration.

Brian Malarkey {reality show contestant} – I interviewed Brian Malarkey at the Cheap Sally party during BlogHer ’11.  Brian shared his experience on Top Chef and all of the exciting opportunities that came from the show.  Very outgoing and talkative, which I loved!

So, tell me, have you met or interviewed a celebrity before?  Share your story in our comments!