Healthy (and Easy!) After School Snacks

In a few short weeks, my kids will be heading back to school. I am already feeling a bit of anxiety thinking about the long list of school supplies and clothing I need to shop for, as well as the neverending list of other things I need to take care of before school starts.

To cut down my stress level, I have started planning some healthy and easy after school snacks that I can prepare ahead of time. While it is tempting to drive the kiddos through a fast food restaurant for a chocolate shake or greasy fries after class, it isn’t the healthiest or most budget conscious decision. Instead, I think I will stick to making homemade healthy snacks. I have listed a few of our favorites below!


Prepackaged peanut butter crackers are okay, but making them at home is way better! My kids prefer buttery crackers with a nice helping of smooth peanut butter in between. Stored in an airtight container, they are ready to serve anytime.


No snack is complete without sliced apples! We always have red and green on hand as each kid likes a different type. To avoid browning, I brush a tiny bit of lemon juice onto the apples.


String cheese is an easy snack to have on hand since you do not need to prepare it in any way and it is already packaged and ready to eat!


I like having a vegetable option with our snacks, and carrots are a favorite around here. Like the string cheese, you can find baby carrots already washed and ready to eat, so there is little preparation involved. I do like to take the carrots out of the packaging and store in an airtight container so that they are easier to eat.


After preparing the snacks and storing them in the refrigerator or pantry, they will be ready for my boys to tear into right after school. I could also get creative and display the snacks…

What are some of your favorite after school snacks that you make for your kids?