Helpful Kitchen Tips for Garlic, Bell Peppers, Melon Ballers and More

I have come across some great ideas recently, some I have used or some I KNOW I will use soon.

Garlic – We all know garlic presses are supposed to work good. Guess what?? Mine (and I have had a few) have always been a big pain in the butt and have kept more of the garlic in the press than in my dish. So when I saw in a Rachael Ray cooking magazine to put the cloves of garlic you plan on using in the microwave for 10 seconds or so for easy removal of skins, I HAD to try and I DID. It work BEAUTIFULLY!!

Peppers – This one I thought up all on my own. This is how I cut green peppers.

Helpful Kitchen Tips for Garlic and Bell Peppers

What a waste of that top part, right?? Wrong. Use the top and cut up into little piece and throw in a baggie in your freezer.
Helpful Kitchen Tips for Garlic and Bell Peppers


Next time you make sauces, chili, sloppy joes, grab a handful and throw it in for some added texture and taste=) This has come in handy more times than I can count.
How to easily Hull a Strawberry – Stick a straw up through the bottom of the strawberry and push it out the top. This will will help to remove hull and leaves! (taken from Kraft Food and Family, submitted by Lynda P. from Tampa ,FL)
Melon baller tool- From Kraft Food and Family Alternate uses: -Making mini scoops of ice cream for brownies or other dessets. -Balls of butter for dinner rolls -Use to scoop out cherry tomatoes and stuff for adorable little appetizers! -Also for making perfect cookie dough balls for cookies!! Do you have other things you use your melon baller for?? PLEASE SHARE YOUR KITCHEN TIPS WITH US!