High Quality Makeup Brushes at Walmart

In my early 20s, when I was learning the finer points of makeup application — or at least trying to! — I never paid much attention to the types of brushes I was using. I’d usually just stick with the little bushes or padded applicators that came with my colorful selections, never realizing there was a whole other world of makeup knowledge out there that I would someday discover.

More recently, I’ve added different types of brushes from some of my favourite big name makeup stores — like MAC, Sephora, ULTA where you swear you’ll behave and stick to your budget when you walk in, but then you leave with your body weight in eyeliner and lipstick. (Whoops!) While I don’t wear a ton of makeup in my everyday, work-at-home life, I DO like to look my best when I’m creating videos for my blog, chatting in Google hangouts with my community, or when I’m heading out for date night or a special event. A good brush can make the WORLD of difference in how your makeup turns out, which is why adding awesome brushes to your collection can kick your makeup game up a notch!


This week, I’ve had a chance to check out some gorgeous brushes from the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection. Aren’t they beautiful?

These brushes are super soft and they feel completely luxurious on your skin. They are perfectly weighted and even at a glance, they are little little works of art that you’re going to LOVE displaying on your counter or vanity. That shine is such a welcome addition to any room and you’re going to feel totally decadent using them.


What I love about these brushes even more is that they are totally beginner-friendly, so even if you’re not a pro-start makeup artist, you’ll be able to take a peek at each brush and know exactly how to use it. Just peek on the back of the package to see what that particular brush is used for — or scan the code on the back to watch a cool tutorial! They’re even color-coded to keep things REALLY simple: Gold, silver, and bronze = base, eyes, and finish!


These brushes are a welcome addition to my makeup collection and what I’m about to tell you next might blow your mind just a little bit.

They are available at Walmart.

Oh yes. Walmart. Accessible, affordable, dependable — and you can pick them up during your next trip for groceries or back to school shopping! (Hey, mom deserves a little treat too, no?) I was so excited to see that this prestige line of makeup brushes is available at a store that I don’t have to plan a special trip to visit. I urge you to trade in your ho-hum brushes for some new brushes from the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection!


The next time you visit Walmart to hunt for the deal you know you’ll find there, pick up a new brush and test it out for yourself! And be sure to watch the awesome tutorials that you can scan the package to find online — they’re great and super easy to follow!

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