Home Decor Series: Living Room Makeover Part 1

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We have a ton of updates this week, huh???

If you have been following along with our new Home Decor Series, you already know that we have shared a foyer makeover, a small space craft room, home office makeover and much more is in store!


Today I’m talking about my living room, which is getting a major overhaul, so I’m covering it in several parts. Plans include:

  • replacing the couch – something with more color and smaller
  • new rug – again, something with more color!
  • new wall art on walls
  • bring the space to life!

In this first part, I’m talking about our sponsor, Korg, which provided us with a digital piano for our living room makeover!


Years ago, we had a piano in the house. Ryan, my husband, would often play, creating beautiful music, and I have a confession – I missed it. I really, really missed hearing those piano notes playing throughout the house. The thing is, a real piano takes up a ton of room, which is why we got rid of the original piano in the first place. BUT, a digital piano is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

With a smaller couch in the living room, the Korg digital piano will fit with no issues. As you can see from the pic above, the stand is sleek and slim, so it can go just about anywhere in the space.


Specs of the LP-180 Korg Digital Piano:

  • one-piece stand
  • rich piano sound
  • three-pedal unit
  • available in white and black
  • natural weighted hammer action keyboard (like a real acoustic piano)
  • 10 different high-quality sounds, including Reverb and Chorus effects

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Learn more about Korg digital pianos HERE.

I received a Korg digital piano in return for this post.