How to Avoid Housework this Summer

I considered taking some extreme measures to ensure that I don’t spend my summer doing housework, because I’d rather be at the beach.


After finding a particularly over-whelming mountain of dirty clothes next to the washer, I announced to the family that we were joining a nudist colony. I figured that would really cut down on laundry.

The baby didn’t care, and my five year old, who can be found running around the house sans clothing at any hour of the day, was all for it. It was my husband who wasn’t ready to trade in his pants for singing Kumbaya in the buff.

Dishes are another thing that frustrates me. I clear all the counters, wash the last pot, load the dishwasher and five minutes later the sink is full again.

“What? I had a snack.”

“You needed a dinner plate for your Oreo? And why did you use three cups?”

“I dunno.”

So I devised a plan to reduce the amount of dirty dishes.

No one would be allowed to eat anything that couldn’t be microwaved and/or consumed in it’s own disposable container.

Turns out that plan was riddled with flaws.

First, convenience food is expensive. Second, besides bankrupting us, all the sodium, fat and preservatives in those plastic vessels would probably pickle us by the end of summer. Finally, there’s the plastic itself. I didn’t want a heap at the local landfill named after me.

I did manage to come up with some slightly less crazy solutions for making sure I get the most out of my summer:

1. Use paper plates and cups. You can find environmentally friendly paper products online. If you buy in bulk, like enough to last the whole summer, they’re pretty affordable.

2. Put your grill to use cooking easy foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks and corn-on-the-cob. You’re kitchen and  pots and pans will stay shiny.

3. Make sure everyone takes their shoes off at the door. If kids were playing outside in sandals, send them straight to the bathroom to wash their feet. You’ll have a lot less dirt tracked all over the floor.

4. Laundry is tough with kids who get dirty outside, but if they’re not caked in mud or mushed cookie, shorts can be worn a couple times before washing.

5. Ten minutes before bedtime have everyone gather up the stuff they’ve left laying around the house through out the day, and put it away.

One last bonus tip: If you don’t move anything, no one will know the bookshelf is dusty.

Now, there’s a lounge chair, WIFI and a glass of sweet tea with my name on it in the backyard.

Here’s to a housework free summer!