How To Donate Fresh Milk To Hungry Families

This post is sponsored by The Great American Milk Drive.


We’ve all donated non-perishable food in one way or another. Perhaps it was a bag of canned vegetables we dropped off at our child’s school food drive or a box of unwanted pantry items we placed on the porch to be picked up by a volunteer. Whichever way it was done, it helped those in need and we felt good about it.


Though, something has always bothered me a bit about donating just non-perishables. I mean, surely families needed fruit, vegetables and dairy products, too, so where did those goods come from? Were families having to figure that part out on their own? The thought has always upset me, and I honestly wasn’t sure what to do about it until I was recently approached by The Great American Milk Drive.




The Great American Milk Drive is the first-ever national program that helps deliver gallons of milk to hungry, in-need families. A partner with Feeding America – the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization – this milk drive turns donations into gallons of milk for deserving families.




I will be writing about this campaign more this month, which I feel honored to do. I am also thrilled to offer you the chance to get involved, too, by making a donation for milk.


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To ensure that the families and children in need receive nutrient-rich milk – I’m hosting my very own Mom Spark Milk Drive – The best part is, when you donate, you’ll benefit those in your own community (by entering your zip code). Every little bit helps this cause and I appreciate your participation more than you know! ’Tis the season of giving, so let us give!




Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will recap my visit to my local food bank, where I learned SO MUCH about how milk is distributed, the amount of families in need and how volunteers can help.

Have you ever volunteered at your local food bank? If so, leave a comment below! Also, in case you missed it, you can MAKE A DONATION OF MILK HERE.