How to Host the Perfect Cinderella Party!

Being one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Cinderella premiered mid-March with a roaring success. This flick is everywhere you look — and it’s no wonder! As the newest interpretation of a childhood favorite, it’s easy to see why fans have flocked to the theatre! A whole new generation is seeing Cinderella in a new light and the fairy tale wonder never ceases to impress.

Whether you’re hosting a Cinderella-watching party at home, or celebrating a Cinderella-themed birthday, you’re going to love what they have in store.


Host Your Own Cinderella Party!

The Invitations

Invite friends in style with custom Cinderella invites with matching envelopes and stickers, reading and waiting for a touch of your child’s creativity! Hand-delivered or popped in the mail, these invitations will be opened with excitement!


The Table

Greet partygoers with a beautiful buffet-style Cinderella display! A simple Cinderella castle tablecloth is the base for your colorful tablescape, complete with cups and plates, pink cutlery (of course!), balloons, a paper chandelier, paper lanterns, and more! You can also put your party favors out on this table — such as cool character rings that guests can take with them. This table is all about pinks and purples, glamor, and princess-worthy fun!





The Loot Bags

To thank your guests for coming, you can put together the perfect loot bag filled with fun Cinderella prizes! I have a feeling any little girl would love to have her own Cinderella wand and headband, complete with a fancy Cinderella bow! Add in paper blowers, rings, bracelets, stickers, candies, and more for a truly royal treat!



The Dress

You little one will LOVE hosting her Cinderella party in style with this gorgeous Cinderella-inspired costume! She can even ask guests to dress up in their own outfits as well — soon your home will be filled with a ballroom’s worth of little princesses, ready to party Cinderella-style!