How To Play Video Games While Working Out

Just a few months ago, I turned 40. Something that I’ve noticed as I have gotten older is that it has become harder and harder to keep my energy level up and even more difficult keeping extra weight off. It comes with the territory of aging, I suppose.

My choices have become much more intentional than there were before. I think about what I eat, I try to take the longer walk from the parking to the store and so on. It is important to me that I take my health seriously because my kids are always watching. They may not even realize it, but they are always aware and learning how to care for themselves as I care for myself.


The biggest struggle I have face with staying healthy is exercising. It has also become a struggle for my kids, as they would rather play a little longer on their videos games or watch another episode of their favorite show. It’s not something any of us are proud of, but it has become a reality in our home.

I was recently approached about a new product that just may help with my family’s struggle to exercise – it’s called Goji Play 2.0.


Goji Play 2.0 offers fun video games that require physical movement while exercising, so it doesn’t even feel like exercising. What a neat concept!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.12.44 PM

The device can be attached to a handle of a workout machine, like an elliptical, or to snapped to hand pieces that can be held.


The Goji Play app is downloaded in the Apple or Android app store onto a smartphone or tablet, and the following games are also available to play with the device:

  • Speedbump
  • Super Moto X
  • Spin or Die
  • Smash the Blocks
  • Fisticuffs
  • Kreature Krunch

My family will be testing this new device over the next few weeks and I’m excited to get started. My hope is that we’ll be off the couch less and moving more.



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Stay tuned for future updates and here’s to getting healthy in 2016!

Learn more about Goji Play 2.0 here.

This post is sponsored by Blue Goji.