How To Set Your Kids Up For Success This School Year

With the back to school season in full force and kids settling into routines, the next “season” that might be coming to mind for parents across the country is COLD SEASON. We all know this tends to strike after the kids have been back and the fall weather arrives which means it’s more important than ever for kids to be armed with as many Healthy Habits as possible!

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Lysol’s Healthy Habits initiative is all about reducing absenteeism and improving the performance of kids both in the classroom and beyond. This season, Lysol has teamed up once again with football legend and Healthy Habits coach Jerry Rice to learn more about and spread the message of his Healthy Habits to teachers and kids alike!

How To Set Your Kids Up For Success This School Year

Check out these three tips to help set your kids up for success this school year!

Rest Up!

Stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Children should be getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to ensure they are well rested for a day of learning.

Make Time for Fitness!

During the school year, kids are definitely running on a busy schedule, but that doesn’t mean that you can skip out on regular exercise. Incorporate at least one small but easy physical activity into their daily routine. Some examples are doing chores around the house or opting for a hike over video games.

The Twenty Second Rule!

From the lunchroom to the playground children are always using their hands! Remind them to practice proper hand washing etiquette to help keep illness at bay. Teach them to w­­ash their hands for a full twenty seconds by having them sing the “Happy Birthday Song” twice from beginning to end.

How To Set Your Kids Up For Success This School Year

Teachers, Enter To Win!

Lysol wants to reward all those awesome teachers out there who are practicing and teaching Healthy Habits in their classrooms! Do they help their kids remember to cover their sneezes and wash their hands before lunch? Right now, Lysol invites teachers to submit a short video on how they incorporate Healthy Habits into their classrooms! To learn more about the Healthy Habits Contest, visit! Entries are being accepted until October 16th, 2015 and the videos with the MOST votes could win gift cards for classroom supplies!

How To Set Your Kids Up For Success This School Year

Healthy Habits In The Classroom

Teachers can also check out to find lessons plans all about educating students on proper hand washing and other techniques to keep germs from spreading and reduce sick days!

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