How To Wholesome Snack!

Yogurt is a big hit around my house. It’s something we always have on hand and my kids love it when I sent yogurt in their lunches. Often, breakfast at our house is a bit of a rush and it’s a big help for me when the kids can grab something on their own. They love their independence and this is one more step, especially for my 7-year-old, to feel like he’s helping the whole family by grabbing a yogurt to go with his breakfast, or to toss in his lunch bag for a snack.


After school, yogurt is a great go-to for my busy boys because they can pop a straw in the top and drink it up on their way to a friends house, band practice, or just to their room to finish some homework.

I’ve been buying the Yoplait Fridgepacks lately, because it’s the easiest choice for my hungry boys — whether they wanted to pop a straw in it and drink it up, or peel off the top and dip fruit or just eat it with a spoon, the Fridgepack makes it SUPER simple for them to grab and go, because let’s be honest, they’re ALWAYS going!

Having healthy and delicious snacks on hand — my boys love Harvest Peach and Strawberry the best — means I know they won’t be searching the cupboards for treats, especially with Halloween right around the corner!


While the Fridgepacks are great for grabbing-and-going, we also like getting more creative with our favorite yogurt, such as adding it granola, nuts, and berries, or adding frozen blueberries to the mix. If you’re looking to create a tasty yogurt dessert this Halloween, try crumbling cookies and adding gummy worms to make a tasty mud pie treat!


I should also add that the Yoplait Fridgepacks, which you can find at your local Walmart, make it really easy to store them in the fridge — no more containers rolling all around and making a mess. You can stack these or pop them in side-by-side to keep your fridge nice and tidy and organized! (At least until the kids come home!)

What is your favorite way to snack with Yoplait? Share your ideas in the comments below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.