How Travel Creates Refreshing Moments in My Life

As you may know, I recently returned from an amazing trip to Nepal.

How Travel Creates Refreshing Moments in My Life

I love travel as a way to refocus my energy and view of the world. As a mother, I feel that it’s important to avoid complacency, but it is oh-so-easy to fall into a monotonous routine.

How Travel Creates Refreshing Moments in My Life

Travel can really shake things up though, both for myself and my family. Even when I’m traveling alone, we’re all forced to reevaluate how we deal with schedules and situations when “mom” isn’t around. It’s a refreshing and necessary change for us.

Even normal life with kids is anything but boring. Kids just have a different way of viewing the world. For me, seeing life through my children’s eyes is kind of like traveling, too. Their view gives me a refreshing look on everyday subjects.

During my recent trip to Nepal, these adorable children from Bhurunchuli Village danced for our group. Despite the struggles that their village is facing, they still practiced a dance. What a refreshing moment!

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