I Can’t Live Without Costco!

I Can't Live Without Costco
I absolutely cannot live without Costco. For those not in the know, Costco is a membership warehouse. I’ve had a Costco membership since 1988 or so. So, why do I heart Costco so much?

I shop less often, probably 4 or 5 times a year at Costco. I do not do a huge weekly grocery shop. I buy milk, dairy products, fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, but all other items for my home come from Costco.

It has been close to 20 years since I purchased the following items in a grocery store:

Cottonelle toilet rolls
Bounty paper towels
Kleenex tissues
Dixie paper plates
Solo plastic cups
Folgers coffee cans
Scrubbing Bubble toilet cleaner
Tide laundry detergent
Downy fabric softener

Ponder this list a minute… Since I buy no large items at the grocery store, I can generally leave the grocery store carrying my items in 2 or 3 bags. This makes for a quick drop-in grocery visit.
I love that I never, repeat never, run out of anything that I buy at Costco. For me shopping in bulk is as necessary to my mommyness as my minivan.
Costco is not just a warehouse full of food and other wonderful stuff. It is a one-stop service for members as well. Costco offers the following services:

automotive and tire center
gas station
one-hour and mail
order photo services
hearing aid testing center
services, including 401(k) and checks
online investing
auto program for
purchasing cars through a Costco-approved dealer
roadside assistance
insurance for home and automobile
home equity refinancing
center for booking a vacation