I Can’t Live Without My iPod Touch!

I was given an iPod Touch for my birthday since we do not get AT&T cell phone service at our house. I really wanted an iPhone, but this was the next best thing. Let me tell you that it’s one of the most fabulous gifts I was ever given. My iPod became a family favorite very quickly. There is something on it for everyone. I have iTunes on my computer and that’s where I get most of my applications for the iPod Touch. I also can click on the applications button right on the iPod when connected to the internet to purchase them when away from my laptop.
* There are hundreds of applications on iTunes for games.
* Most of the games have a FREE version so you can try it out before buying the full version. With an 8 year old the FREE version is usually enough.
* You can find card games, puzzles, arcade, and so much more. I even found a few preschool games for Lani. Yes, you read that right! My 2 year old daughter has mastered the iPod.


*The iPod Touch has wireless internet capabilites built right in. You can set up your email account to sync with the iPod when connected to the web. It uses Safari for it’s web browser which has worked out fine for me. Simple and easy to use. The only negative is that you can’t watch videos on line.


 *Facebook, Twitter and Myspace all offer FREE applications to make logging in simple when you are connected to the internet. I haven’t tried any other sites, but I am sure there are more out there. All you have to do is search on iTunes under applications.


*My favorite part is being able to purchase songs right from the iPod when connected to the internet. How simple is that?

*I have several playlists of my own (work out, relaxation). The kids both have their own as well.

*Audio books are my new favorite treadmill companions. Listening to stories make my work outs fly by. I have recently begun listening to them at night to help me relax before going to sleep. You can purchase them from iTunes, but I have also taken a few out of my library.
*There is also a speaker so you can listen to you music, books, etc with out using the headphones. The quality is not fabulous, but it definitely comes in handy sometimes.


*All I can say is LIFESAVER:) I have several shows on the iPod for both Wesley and Lani. The best part is most were FREE and the others were only $1.99 per episode (Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, Handy Manny, Caillou).
*You can also purchase or rent movies from iTunes to watch right on the iPod. Definitely plan on using this when we travel to Colorado this Summer.

These are only a small sample of the applications you can get for the iPod touch. If you need it, I am sure a quick search over on iTunes will help you find it.

A few of the applications that come with the iPod are:

*You Tube

The iPod Touch is slim, light weight, and sleek looking. If it had come in pink I would have been 100% satisfied. I have several connections that let me listen to my iPod in my car and through my home stereo. I also purchased an outlet charger when my computer is not available.

Any other questions? Feel free to leave a comment. I know that I did a lot of research before giving it out as a gift idea.

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