Build Your American Dream with a $500 IKEA® Gift Card Giveaway


Sometimes “making it” can seem small to the outside world, but huge to the person involved. A friend of mine recently shared that her tween was taking martial arts and had gone to every class. This might not seem like an accomplishment, but this child was adopted from overseas at one year and had extremely low muscle tone due to inappropriate attention in her orphanage. The child also suffered from extreme anxiety, so talking herself into going every week was definitely a sign that she had “made it.”

$500 IKEA Gift Card Giveaway

How we define “making it”, when it really comes down to it, is a symbol. One of the times I knew I “made it” was when I realized that my house was free of hand-me-down furniture. I have a few antiques and pieces from relatives that have sentimental value, but I’m no longer watching TV on a couch given to my former roommate by her uncle. That might not mean a lot to everyone, but for me, it means that my husband and I are building our lives together.

$500 IKEA Gift Card Giveaway

IKEA knows that everyone has their own version of the American Dream. They’ve been doing some great work around this concept of the individualized “American Dream” that perhaps you remember in my past post. If you missed it, I have shared a video that captures it below.

Another “made it” moment for me was when I was asked to be an IKEA Brand Ambassador. Partnering with a brand that shares so many of my personal values made me feel like I had “made it” as a blogger! Not to mention the love I feel for IKEA products, too.

$500 IKEA Gift Card Giveaway

IKEA wants to help you make your American Dream come true, too. They’ve given me a $500 IKEA gift card to give away to one lucky Mom Spark reader (details below)! 

You can also post on Instagram about your Made It Moment, tagging @IKEAUSA and #MadeItMoment, for a chance to be featured by IKEA!


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$500 IKEA Gift Card

I can’t wait to hear all about how you knew you made it!

$500 IKEA Gift Card Giveaway

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