Interview With A Blogger: Heidi Oran, The Conscious Perspective

Today’s Interview With A Blogger features Heidi Oran of The Conscious Perspective! This incredible mama (of three handsome young boys!) was the first “mom friend” I made in my hometown, shortly after the birth of my daughter back in 2009. Heidi has written for a variety of sites online and is now working on a very special podcast project called The Millennial Pulse and has cofounded a Millennials + Mental Health.

Take a peek below to learn more about this ambitious blogger!

Interview With A Blogger: Heidi Oran, The Conscious Perspective

Hello, Heidi!

So, what prompted you to start blogging?

I started blogging in early 2007 after having my oldest son. He was born a bit early and had some health issues, and I wanted an easy way to keep in contact with family without bombarding their email. I learned of Blogspot and the rest is history. But honestly, that blog was just for family/friends, and there were quite a few years of blogging for parenting/mom sites in the interim before launching The Conscious Perspective in 2011.

Tell us about your day job/educational pursuits?

I am a stay at home mom. I homeschool my three boys, and dabble in web design, and writing.

I am also headed to University part-time soon to study International Development Studies. I have always had a desire to help people, but it’s just now, at 30, starting to take shape and make sense.

Interview With A Blogger: Heidi Oran, The Conscious Perspective

Where’s the farthest from home you’ve ever travelled? Tell us about your experience.

Other than travel to the US and Canada (New Orleans owns a piece of my soul), I went to the Dominican Republic when I was 18 and it had a huge impact on me, and has influenced my life to this day.

I remember being struck at the contrast between the resort lifestyle and the outside communities. The children running up to our vehicles begging for candy, the men slouched over chairs holding rifles in their arms. It was pretty shocking and just heart-breaking to see.

What skill do you hope to master over the next year?

Patience, in every area of my life. I’ve always been a very impulsive person, and I feel like that’s shifting. I’m very good at planting seeds, just not so great at waiting for them to grow. That is changing as we speak! (Write?)

Interview With A Blogger: Heidi Oran, The Conscious Perspective

What’s your current favourite song/band? And what are you reading?

I just started getting in to Pheonix, and have been listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix on repeat.

I’m reading SO many books. I have a goal inspired by my friend Nadia – 1 book per week. Here is my current list: (I read books like I watch TV shows, I like to mix it up.)

  • Jenny Feldon — Karma Gone Bad
  • John Grisham — Sycamore Row
  • Nudge — Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein
  • Freakonomics — Stephen J. Dubner, Steven D. Levitt

Share three blogs you adore!

Thanks for chatting with us today, Heidi! Be sure to catch up with Heidi via The Conscious Perspective, Twitter, and Facebook!

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