Interview With A Blogger: Rock On Mommies

Hello, hello! Can you believe it’s Sunday already? For this week’s edition of Interview With A Blogger, we’re chatting with Theresa of Rock On Mommies!

Interview With A Blogger: Rock On Mommies

Hi, Theresa!

So, what prompted you to start blogging?

After having my daughter, I had a hard time finding other Moms with similar ideas. I HATED play groups and play dates. I didn’t feel that my whole world should be taken over by this baby. I still had the same interest that I had before she was born. I didn’t want to spend my days talking about sleep schedules and leaky boobs. I figured I couldn’t be the only Mom out there that felt this way. So I just started writing and slowly I started to connect with other Moms like me.

Tell us about your day job/educational pursuits?

My day job? Does window shopping count as a job?

I consult and manage several companies online PR and social media. I have also partnered up with Stefanie aka @ooph, together we are MomSmack. This has become a full time job, and we are loving it!

Interview With A Blogger: Rock On Mommies

Where’s the farthest from home you’ve ever travelled? Tell us about your experience.

Greece is probably the farthest I’ve ever traveled. We went to Santorini and Athens for our honeymoon. Walking up to the Acropolis and seeing the Parthenon for the first time was almost a religious experience for me.

Not quite as far, but just as meaningful to me was the trip we took this summer. We took our 6 year old to Paris and it’s an experience that I’ll never forget! Watching her tap dance in front of the Eiffel Tower still makes me giggle. Seeing her eyes light up walking through the Louvre. Watching her gaze at all those amazing works of art. She never left our tour guides side! She stuck right by her side asking questions for almost 4 hours! If you have an artistic kid, Paris is a must!

Interview With A Blogger: Rock On Mommies

What skill do you hope to master by the end of 2013?

Knowing my worth and not giving away my time, knowledge, and services for any less! I can’t count the number of times I’ve given a client a “deal” to help them out. They generally are the ones that take the most work and I get nothing in return.

What’s your current favourite song/band?

Justin Timberlake of course! I will admit that when I turn on Pandora you’ll probably hear Jason Mraz or Mumford and Sons.

Share three blogs you adore! because I want my little boy to turn out as amazing as her sons! because, well she just gets me! because I love her sense of adventure!

Interview With A Blogger: Rock On Mommies

Thank you so much to Theresa for sharing with us today! Be sure to check out her blog, Rock On Mommies! You can also follow her via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Interview With A Blogger: Rock On Mommies