Interview With A Blogger: Shuggilippo

It’s Sunday once again, folks! And you know what that means! For today’s edition of Interview With A Blogger, we’re getting up close and personal with Jessi Sanfilippo of Shuggilippo!

Interview With A Blogger: Shuggilippo

Hiya, Jessi!

So, what prompted you to start blogging?

I actually started blogging back in 2008 after I had my son, Dylan. I’d transitioned from my job in radio programming to a stay-at-home mom and was looking for both a creative outlet from my role in imaging copy for the radio station as well as a means to keep the family we had all across the world connected and up to date with the only fresh, new baby in the family. My blog served, as most “women with children” blogs do, as a brag book, then into a bona fide mommy blog. It’s since morphed into this dumping ground of topics that includes a little bit of everything from music and movies to the marketing in the digital age and parenting…all with a pinch of humor. (Okay so maybe the lid fell off and the spice bottle is empty…so what?)


Where’s the farthest from home you’ve ever traveled? Tell us about your experience.

Ooh, this one’s sort of tricky. Obviously I know math so I know how far away places are ‘n stuff, but I’m originally from the East Coast (Cold Spring, NY, holler!) but lived in Arizona up until almost 6 months ago. The furthest from Arizona I traveled was to New York. A lot. I grew up in a road-trippin’ family though so I’ve hit every state now in the continental United States, a few places in Canada, and a couple beaches in Mexico. I’ve got big dreams to live in Italy for part of the year once I become filthy rich from hard work and perseverance (or the day I open my front door to bags and bags of unmarked bills, then too probably.) I’m a big dreamer, guys.

What skill do you hope to master by the end of 2013?

I used to do a lot of work in video for radio (I know, could that BE a bigger oxymoron?) so I’m hoping to get my skillz dusted off by the end of the year and hopefully learn a bunch of new things. Technology and capability has changed by leaps and bounds over the past 5 years, y’know? With that I’m looking forward to becoming more “LA” by getting myself into some improv groups and finally doing some stand-up.

Interview With A Blogger: Shuggilippo

What’s your current favorite song/band? And what are you reading?

Man, it’s like you guys want me to lose sleep over these questions. They’re proving for me to probably be way more hard-hitting than you thought they’d be. I’m a total music nut so my favorite song/band literally changes from one day to the next, if not from one song to the next in a single day. On deck today is American Authors “Best Day of My Life”. It’s a really catchy jam I could see myself walking through the grocery store to while I bobbed my head, shook my hips and placed almond milk in my basket. Plus, they just made a dog version music video that is pretty hilarious. I’m a simultaneous book reader so right now I’m getting down on two awesome finds from the local bookstore by my place: “The Areas of My Expertise” by John Hodgman which is a satirical almanac so well done I’ve thrown the thing across the room in impressed disgust at least five times already, and “This Is Improbable: Cheese String Theory, Magnetic Chickens, and other WTF Research” by Marc Abrahams which highlights the odd types of research like what makes Bobs look especially Bob-like. I mean, really the deep and thought-provoking reads from the NYT best-sellers list. Obviously.

Interview With A Blogger: Shuggilippo

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