Interview With A Blogger:

Today’s Interview With A Blogger takes us out west to Vancouver, BC to chat with the fabulous Amber Strocel of I met this Canadian mama back in 2011 at BlogHer and I’m excited to be sharing her story with you today!

Interview With A Blogger:

Hiya, Amber!

So, what prompted you to start blogging?

I actually started blogging accidentally. It was 2003, before everyone knew what a ‘blog‘ was, and we had just bought a house. I asked my husband to build me a website – personal web pages were popular at the time – but instead he built me a blog. I was actually annoyed about it, but I started writing out of spite, and discovered I loved it. I’ve been blogging regularly ever since.

Interview With A Blogger:

Tell us about your day job/educational pursuits?

My ‘day job’ has changed a lot over the years. When I first started blogging I was working full-time as an engineer. I didn’t have kids yet. When my daughter Hannah was born in 2005 I returned to work part-time following my maternity leave. I was laid off in 2009 during my second maternity leave, and decided not to return to engineering. I started working as a freelance writer and editor – a role that was very much inspired by my blog. Today I’m the managing editor at, an online magazine for moms. With my second child now in school full-time, I’m also ready to embark on a new challenge. I’ll be returning to university in January 2014 with the goal of eventually pursuing a second degree in education.

Interview With A Blogger:

Where’s the farthest from home you’ve ever travelled? Tell us about your experience.

Technically, the farthest from home I’ve ever been is the other side of Canada. I’ve visited twice – I spent a few days in Fredericton, New Brunswick, when I attended an engineering student conference when I was 18. My husband and I spent two weeks driving around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in 2004, just before I got pregnant with my daughter. It’s kind of amazing to me that my travels to places like Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean actually didn’t take me as far from home as my travels across my own country. Canada is a very, very big place.

What skill do you hope to master over the next year?

I’ve recently started a tap dancing class, and I’d like to get better at that. It would probably be more realistic to say that I’d like to learn how to juggle work, parenting and school, though. My last semester at school was almost 14 years ago – I’m definitely out of practice, academically speaking!

Interview With A Blogger:

What’s your current favourite song/band? And what are you reading?

I’ve recently fallen in love with Joshua Radin. When I need a pick-me-up I listen to his song “Beautiful Day” and it makes almost everything better.

Share three blogs you adore!

This is a really hard one. I want to list more than three, but here goes:

Interview With A Blogger:

Thanks so much to Amber to chatting with us today! Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

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