Is Giveaway Traffic Fake?

Girl Thinking

Some say that traffic generated by giveaway posts is artificial or fake traffic, with “fake” meaning visitors who come for the giveaway will not return or stay on the blog after entering.

Then others say that traffic is traffic, so what’s the big deal?  So what if the giveaway contestants never return?  What’s the harm?

I can honestly see both sides of the coin, but I definitely lean more to one side.  Obviously, if you list your giveaways on contest listing sites, you are going to get random people who are simply interested in winning your prize, BUT, does that mean that they won’t stick around once they’ve arrived?

I have heard countless times from new Mom Spark readers that they originally came to my site to enter a giveaway, but stuck around long after reading articles.  It has been my experience that after holding a contest or giveaway, my subscribers do rise and do not drop weeks after.  They continue to rise and the word of mouth increases.  Because of this, I tend to disagree that giveaway traffic is completely artificial, and in fact, can actually increase readership when coupled with good blog content.  I am sure many will disagree with that statement, but I stand by it.

That being said, I do not think you should hold giveaways solely for the traffic.  If there isn’t content on your site to keep your readers interested, then they probably will not stick around anyway.  A balance between the two is ideal.

What are your thoughts?