Is Your Smile Photo Ready?

The holidays are here, friends. Are you ready for them yet?

I’m nowhere near ready myself. I still have a long list of gifts to create, a dozen errands to run, recipes to plan…the list just goes on and on, really.

Amy Bellgardt

One thing that I often forget about during the holiday season is the number of photos I end up taking AND being in. As a mom, it seems that I’m not always front and center in these photos, but when I am I would like to look presentable. Hey, it’s a special occasion, why not?

So, my plan before attending holiday events this year is to pick out a favorite outfit, apply a touch of makeup and then whiten my teeth. Yup, teeth whitening. If I’m going to smile, it’s going to be the best smile I can give, folks.


Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Teeth Whitening Kit helps to remove years of stains on teeth in just one hour, which is faster than ever before! The advanced seal technology no-slip grip stays in place, too, so that you can talk and drink water while whitening teeth. This is great for holiday multi-taskers like me. 🙂


The Whitestrips are also very comfortable to wear and use ingredients that dentists use, too. The best part? I get to whiten my teeth at home. No visits to the dentist for this one.


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Is your smile ready for the holidays? Prepare your photo smile by picking up a box of Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Express Teeth Whitening Kit at Walmart during your next visit!

This post is sponsored by Crest.