Declutter Time: How to Organize a Junk Drawer

Declutter Time: How to Organize a Junk Drawer
It is possible to find lots of keys in a junk drawer.

I am a packrat who loves decluttering. I live for dragging bags to the curb for the donation truck. I get excited when I find all the people that go with the Little People playset in time for my consignment appointment. Yet I hoard newspapers, baby clothes, my childhood stamp collection. I won’t throw out binders from a job I had in the 80s. I’m a decluttering contradiction!

Declutter Time: How to Organize a Junk Drawer
Ahhh, a neat junk drawer…for how long though?

When we finished our enormous basement, we created a huge storage room for all our clutter. The playroom, office, and laundry room were all a good size even with the large storage room. Every day I rethink the decision to create a storageroom the size of your average familyroom. The room is maxed out with clutter despite frequent purgings.

Here’s how I declutter the basement storage room:

  • Designate areas in the storage room for specific items: Christmas decorations, work papers, suitcases, toys no longer played with.
  • Get rid of something each time you are in storage room.
  • Keep a garbage bag open at all times. You would be amazed at how many bags of junk I pull out a month. Every little bit helps.
  • Purchase sturdy storage boxes from Rubbermaid. Use storage boxes for storing breakable items. Once box is full, consider whether you need the other items.
  • Use unwanted pieces of furniture to store items. If you don’t need a piece of furniture, but don’t want to throw it out use it as a storage receptacle. I place blankets and beach towels in a children’s dresser.
  • Keep a large box — think TV size — by the storage room door. As you sift through boxes, place unwanted items in box. When you are ready sort through the box to decide which items will be consigned or given away. Once the item is in the box, leave it in box.
  • If you use your storage room for items that are needed on a regular basis, place these items by the door.

My decluttering is a work in progress. Today I tweeted about it (follow me I’m Musingsfromme)…

It’s 6:37. I either have Purple Heart OR Am Vets coming to pick up stuff at house. How should I label bags?

So proud of myself. 6 bags of stuff out for donation to either AmVets or Purple Heart. Can’t remember who is coming.

6 bags of stuff out for donation and posts to write. Busy night with swimming and chorus concert — at almost same time. Yikes!

Oh and by the way if you see my children…I did not donate 10 stuffed animals. No I most certainly did not!

Tomorrow I will be back to searching for the camera recharger that I know I stowed in a box somewhere, but where was it?