What is Just Between Friends Consignment?

Just Between Friends -
Last year, a friend turned me on to Just Between Friends, a huge consignment sale. They have them all over the country. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say I’ve shopped there but really haven’t bought anything. The reason I love it is because it’s a great way to MAKE money and get rid of your baby stuff without having to mess with a garage sale.

In the spring, I sold my son’s baby clothes and made over $200…on just clothes! This time I plan to sell more baby clothes, maternity clothes and some baby items we’re not using anymore (Dear God: Please don’t let me get pregnant again. Ever. Amen). I’ll use the money to buy fall clothes and shoes for the kids, and then we don’t have to take money of our budget to do that. Ok, I might buy my self something pretty too.

It is mildly time consuming getting everything together, washing and ironing it, hanging it and typing and printing up the tags. But I would say no more time consuming than putting on a garage sale or managing ebay sales.

You can also get great deals there. Like I said earlier, I really haven’t shopped a lot there but I know many people who stock up on baby clothes, toys for the kids, etc. My friend found an amazing deal on an outdoor play set. Also, if there is a major baby item that you were needing but did not receive as a gift, I highly suggest stopping by and seeing what you can find.

The JBF sale runs in Oklahoma City at the fairgrounds from August 24 through August 30th. I have it under good authority that the one in Norman is great also. 

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