Jon & Kate – What’s This Big Announcement?

Jon and KateOkay, why do I care about Jon & Kate and their eight again?  It’s strange, they annoy me, yet I have to know what is going on with their marriage.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it’s because I feel terrible for the kids.  Either way, there is a big announcement coming on Monday that will tell us “what the future holds” for The Gosselins.

You can watch the promos here:

Soooo…  What do you think it is?  Rumors on Twitter (yes, I checked), suggest the obvious divorce anouncement, OR perhaps moving, pregnancy (yeah, right), or ending the show.  Personally, I hope it is the latter, but heck, who knows anymore?

I watched last Monday’s night show (with American Chopper) and thought to myself, “Why am I watching this?”  I had no interest in seeing them get, once again, another fun new (free?) toy to add to their arsenal.  Like I said in my previous J&K+8 post, I cannot relate, as a middle class mother, to any of this.  I also noticed that Kate acts very differently in Season 5, have you?  It almost seems like a fake happiness.  I guess you gotta act cheerful for the camera.

Anyway, I won’t go on too much about this, but I am wanting to know your predictions for Monday night’s show, so please leave me a comment.

My prediction?  I predict that it is not the obvious, but something more cloudy like “we’re separating” or “we’re taking a break from the show.” (which I hope they do)  I would be surprised if there were any real, true, honest explanations for the rumors and accusations.  TLC and the tabloids are known for hyping up viewers, even when there is nothing to be excited about.  Maybe Monday will be different, but I sorta hope not.