Korg Digital Piano Review + Video

If you caught my Home Decor Series post last week, you already know that I received an amazing Korg Digital Piano to integrate into my living room design. While we are still working on our living room makeover, I wanted to take a moment to talk more about the digital piano itself and why we love it so much. I also have a pretty hilarious video to show you, too. 🙂


Specs of the LP-180 Korg Digital Piano:

  • one-piece stand
  • rich piano sound
  • three-pedal unit
  • available in white and black
  • natural weighted hammer action keyboard (like a real acoustic piano)
  • 10 different high-quality sounds, including Reverb and Chorus effects


The best thing about this digital piano is that it takes up hardly no room at all, so I can place it in multiple areas in my home without the bulk of a traditional piano.

I know what you are thinking, and I was thinking this, too, “Does it sound like a real piano?” Well, you be the judge…

(oh, and we really did try to get through this song in one take, but um, it didn’t quite work out that way.)

So, as you can see, we are having a ton of fun with the Korg Digital Piano and our kids are, too. Many songs and memories will be made on this piano!

I received a Korg digital piano in return for this post.