Life Beyond Blogging.

A few months ago, I attended an event at the Coca-Cola headquarters which included creating a vision board using stickers, magazines, markers and letters. A juvenile activity to some perhaps, but the process taught me a great deal about myself.

“Treat Yourself”, “Connections” and “Spark” all seemed somewhat predictable for a Amy Bellgardt/Mom Spark/Mom vision board, but a particular quote from a Dodge Journey ad slapped me in the face HARD. (oddly enough, my husband owns a Dodge Journey)

“The Internet Will Be Just Fine Without You” – WOW. I mean, HELLO, I know that, but then again, I don’t. The internet is my livelihood. Where my friendships are the strongest and where I am a leader with responsibilities, right? How will my network run without me relentlessly refreshing my email inbox and updating my Twitter status? Right?

Or…is it all just a mirage? Does my stamp online really mean anything? Am I actually inspiring anyone or providing helpful information? Am I, in any way, making a difference by being in this space?

Also, are my online friendships even real? I mean, they seem real enough, especially those that are shared at blogging events, conferences and the like, but how strong are they really? There are only a handful of people I feel close to online, but even those I question at times. Do they really care about me, or am I just a step along their path?

I had a ton of questions and I only knew a few of the answers.

The internet has been good to me and my family in many, many ways. Because of my full-time online career, my family is presented with amazing opportunities to travel, test products and, oh yeah, provides the finances to MAKE FULL-LENGTH INDEPENDENT FILMS. I am grateful, trust me. I do not take my career for granted, but I do need to learn about the life beyond it. A cliche statement, I know, but it is so easily forgotten when you’re wrapped up inside the internet.

So, in a nutshell, I think I am too connected. Too informed. Notification buzzes from my smartphone have become my new heartbeat, and that is not okay. I don’t need total removal from the online world, I just need to find a balance.

The internet WILL be just fine without me and you. We should try it.