How to Make Yourself Beautiful in Today’s Economy

How to Make Yourself Beautiful in Today's Economy
As mothers we tend to let our own looks fall to the wayside at times due to money or just time issues. Well I’m here to tell you you can make yourself beautiful at half the cost! If I’m planning a night out on the town I’ll go makeup free to the nearest department store and head to the make-up section. Most of the time they will do your make-up for FREE. Merle Norman, Clinque are just a few that also offer free samples. One of my favorite make-up brands is MAC so about every 3-6 months I’ll call ahead for a makeover which is FREE if you are buying new make-up plus they throw in extras with every purchase. Make sure to sign up with your favorite brands online so you’ll know about sales, FREE gifts with purchase, etc.

Now on to haircare. I hardly ever pay for shampoo or conditioner anymore. We have a shoebox in the linen closet just for FREEBIES. Sign up at Olay, Neutrogena, Pantene, Wal-Mart to get the latest free samples. Sports Clips also gives out free hair cut coupons all the time and they DO cut women’s hair if you are in dire need. Just make sure you tip your stylist. Last, but not least you can go to your local beauty school and let the students work on your hair, nails, and more for a fraction of what you would normally pay.

Shaving. Another cost cutting way to save is taking care of your razors. Try to always use shaving cream or baby oil. It helps prevent nicks in the blade. Don’t leave your razor in the shower. Water is the blade’s worst enemy. After each shave dip the blade in rubbing alcohol just like the Barbers do. It helps disinfect as well as helps keep the blades dry.

So now make yourself beautiful! Do you know of any ways to save on beauty? Leave a comment below and let us know!