Tools for Parents Who Manage Too Much.

amy2As far as I am concerned, parents are multi-tasking superheroes. We can complete laundry, fulfill obligations, make appointments, and administer diaper changes at the speed of light, and actually seem happy about it. It may seem as if we can do it all, but, alas, we cannot, and this I have learned.

I entered the blogging world last summer with so much excitement and drive that I felt nothing could stop me, but something immediately did – my family. I quickly learned that you cannot manage everything, especially things YOU want to do, and most days you are just trying to survive. If you are anything like me, with 100 ideas and dreams going through your head at all times, you quickly feel overwhelmed and incompetent because you can never complete as much as you want to. You (and I) must get over this dreaded feeling or we will go bonkers. Family is first, plain and simple.

**just got up to administer a snack**

On top of staying home with two children, I run three sites, and it can be completely overwhelming, if I let it. I have learned to relax over the past few months, by trying not to worry about posting new posts everyday, or replying to an email the second I receive it. It is in my nature to accommodate, so it is very difficult for me to do this. I try to focus on my family’s needs, first and foremost, and this mindset has actually helped me justify putting a client second.

It may be impossible to manage it ALL, but it is possible to still make your clients, readers, and family happy. I have a lot to learn regarding time management and prioritizing, but here are a few tools I use to get through each day.

iPhone – I could not live without this great invention. Well, okay, I could, but it wouldn’t make my day as easy. I can check my emails anywhere (grocery store, bathroom, traffic light), which is roughly 90% of my workload. It is also fabulous for staying in the loop while traveling.

**just fished an Oreo out of the Blu-Ray player**

Gmail – Gmail may not be the most professional of email services for some, but I love the chat/video chat options it provides (for free) and the fact that all of my emails (I have different ones for each biz) funnel to one inbox. Gmail also saves all of my contacts and emails automatically and offers great filtering and filing tools. Love. It.

Twitter – Not only is Twitter excellent for getting the word out about a giveaway, recent post, or news, but it’s a great tool for connecting. Have a question about a recipe? Post a tweet and you’ll get several responses. Having a bad day? Post a tweet and get the support you need. The mobile Twitter app keeps you connected anywhere, too. Follow me on Twitter.

Nap Time – You must utilize nap time. In my household, it is easier to clean when my youngest is awake, so I don’t clean when he naps. Nap time is used for any task that involves deep thinking or concentrating, like spreadsheets, lengthy emails, or blog posts. Of course, this time is sometimes best used for just relaxing and doing nothing, which is TOTALLY ALLOWED.

Outside Time – I try to go outside at least once a day. Letting the kids play outside not only benefits them, but it also benefits me. I have noticed that just taking a walk and breathing the fresh air helps clear my mind. I highly recommend this.

**just pulled my toddler out of the trashcan**

What tools do you use to get through your day? Do you often feel overwhelmed by all your obligations? I would love to hear from you.