Mom Blog Security

I read two stories this week about women who were detained at the border when they told officials they were entering the country on business related to blogging. One was  an American going into Canada, the other a Canadian coming to the US.

It seems that Mom Blogging got red-flagged by The Department of Homeland Security. They don’t think it’s a legitimate profession. Didn’t they get the memo from the FTC?

I mean if the FTC can regulate you, and fine you, then you must be legitimate, right?

I guess we can take comfort in the fact that border officials were doing their jobs, watching out for all of us, and attempting to stop nefarious activity.

But are we Mom Bloggers really so dangerous that they’re profiling us now?

Well, there was that incident last year when someone in our community threatened extortion over a pair of free Crocs.

So, yeah, maybe some of us could make the jump to international terrorism more easily than others.

Perhaps this just means that collectively we’ve arrived. They know we number in the thousands. They’ve seen us take down large corporations with our keyboards. They are aware of the power we hold, and they fear it. If we were to ban together and mobilize…

I mean, we have stopped the world from rotating on it’s axis, shut down Twitter a time or two with our parties.

There are warning signs to look for if you suspect any of your fellow Mom Bloggers of being terrorists:

  • She hosts a weekly carnival called Why Democracy Doesn’t Work for Me Wednesday.
  • She has an E-book available for download entitled $5 Molotov Cocktails for Dummies.
  • She asks all her readers to boycott companies that make American flags, and market them to children.
  • She posts photos of her toddler cuddling an AK-47.
  • She’s always tweeting with the hashtag #Death2Infidels.

I’m more than a little suspicious of Blissdom Canada now. And Bloggy Bootcamp? I mean it’s in the name. Bootcamp.

I’m sure they’re both fronts for terrorist training camps for Mom Bloggers.

Somebody get me The New York Times on Skype.