Modern Fall Decor

The nights are starting to get cooler up here in central Ontario and on my last trip out on the lake, I could see the leaves changing all up and down the shoreline. Those gorgeous Autumn hues are taking over out there, so why not embrace it and bring them inside? I adore this season — the cooler air, the desire to put on a sweater as the evening arrives, the gorgeous, warm beverages! — and I love to decorate my home to match!

Today I wanted to share a few fun, modern fall decor ideas that would be perfect for the season! Enjoy!

Modern Autumn Decor Ideas

Umbra Feather Wall Decor | Becky McCreary Fall Time Throw Pillow | Amber Home Champagne Votive | Sweet Peony Press Gather Print | Elegant Wreath Monogrammed Berry Wreath

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How do you decorate your home for the Autumn season? Are there decorations that you bring out each year, or do you make them yourself? If you have any snapshots of your home all decked out for Fall, feel free to tweet them to @momspark! We’d love to take a peek!