Beautiful Casserole Dishes that Aren’t Your Grandma’s

Even the word “casserole” sounds old, right? But there are SO many delicious recipes that are miles beyond the the tuna slop our parents tried to feed us. Today, in honor of all those actually delicious casserole recipes (like this one!) we’re sharing a collection of stylish, modern, and totally FUN casserole dishes.


1. Orange Rectangular Casserole Dish via Rachel Ray | 2. Pinterest Casserole Dish via Un-cork’d Art | 3. Cook & Dine Flower Dish in Azure via Denby | 4. Oval Casserole Dish in Cassis via Le Creuset | 5. Cast Iron Casserole Dish in Turquoise via Fiesta

I’m pretty sure food even tastes better when it’s served in a neat dish. At least this is how I feel when I’m serving my daughter her dinner — I KNOW she’ll eat more if it’s not just on a boring ‘ol plate. Ah, motherhood. It’s all about the mind games 😉