5 Pretty Flower Pots You Need This Spring

My favorite thing about summer (aside from the whole NO SNOW aspect) is that I get to pick lots of flowers from around our house and display them inside. I’m not a pro gardener, so I’m happy to rely on the copious amount of wildflowers that tend to spring up around our home. However, if you’ve got a keen green thumb you might be better equipped to bring whatever flowers you like into your midst!

Today I wanted to share some seriously pretty flower pots that’d be perfect for your urban garden, front porch, or even inside your home! Take a peek!

Pretty Flower Pots

1. JÄTTEBRA Plant Pot | 2. Ridged Zinc Pot | 3. PAPAJA Plant Pots | 4. Tree Trunk Planter | 5. IMAX Artic Round Planter

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