Retro Apartment Decor

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed my partner, daughter and myself just moved from our family farmhouse to a cute downtown apartment by the lake! It’s quite a big change but we’re so in love with our new place! Though we’re currently amidst lots of boxes, bags, and piles of laundry (which our Boston Terrier has taken to napping upon) I’ve got SO many plans for decorating our new home sweet home and truly making it our own.

Today I wanted to share a few retro-inspired finds that might just make their way into the new space. Take a peek below! Spy any favorites?


1. Altra Owen Retro End Table | 2. Strike A Note Greeting Card Set | 3. Nostalgia Electric Compact Refrigerator | 4. Speaker Of The Household Dock | 5. EP Phone Home Stand | 6. Creative Motion Record Wall Clock


What’s the first thing you do when you move to a new home? Do you unpack your closet? Put the kitchen together?

I, for one, like to put my art up on the walls as fast as I can. Makes it feel so homey!